Code quality

This developer’s work is never ‘done’. Despite sending off my project into Phase 1 of pilot testing, I am constantly worried that some showstopper will be discovered. To that end, I’ve taken it upon myself to test as much as I can; which is learned behavior from my coursework. I always worry about efficiency and as new features are added, I am making a conscious effort to not repeat myself and redactor where it makes sense.

As a relatively new C# developer, I’m constantly learning new ways of doing things. I recently got ReSharper installed on my workstation and I’ve already seen changes to how I code. In fact, thanks to ReSharper’s comforting presence, I was able to refactor some awful code I’d written in way less time. 🙂

Not sure where I was going with this lost but TL:DR –
(a) test, test, test your code.
(b) there’s always a better mousetrap. Replace yours if it makes sense to do so.

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