New year!

A belated “Happy new year” greeting to all! 🙂 The fall & holidays are always a bit … somber for me. My introverted self comes out to play and I end up ‘falling off the planet’ for lack of a better word. I don’t want to make this a “personal” blog but I find that I work best when I have an outlet to vent. So there.

I don’t have any dev links but now that I’ve broken the seal on the blog for the new year, expect irregular postings from me. Mostly technical(-ish) material but there’ll be the occasional housekeeping post.

Aside: I found out from a classmate (Lindsey Cook) about Delicious’s end of year recap. It’s the only 2013 recap that made me feel good about myself. Not sure what that says about me. Here’s my profile (top 2% in tha house! :))

This is the first semester in close to 3 years that I haven’t taken a Computer Science class. I’m having a bit of withdrawal but I’m sure I’ll find something to take my mind off things.

My last post talked about my Chrome extension (TweetPuller). Well, I fixed the Twitter oauth issue and it’s back on the Chrome Web store so go check it outUGA Course Picker is in a state of limbo. It’s functional but I can’t summon the enthusiasm to work on it anymore. I made my Trello board (for managing features for the class scheduling application) public just for kicks (it’s no where near organized but it’s helpful for me to write down ideas for the site as time goes by).

I took a leap of faith and volunteered to assist a group of strangers with a project they are working on. It involves PHP and a CMS with an Android app in the roadmap. It should be an interesting experience especially since I’ll be in a group again! All my side projects have been solo projects and I’m a little tired of going solo. Hopefully, working in a group of equally hungry students will spark my creative juices. 🙂



I posted my first StackOverflow question today and it was (with the benefit of hindsight) a dumb question; I wish my first ever question wasn’t but hey at least, I popped my SO cherry. 🙂 Here’s to many more questions (and hopefully more answers). I’m running on little sleep and I blame my tired state for overlooking the obvious. My question dealt with the proper arguments for an Intent and as my previous posts have shown, I clearly know how to deal with Intents but this one time … Ah well, all’s well that ends well.

#memotoself: new Intent(CurrentClass.this,IntendedClass.class) 🙂

Using SCP

It’s 9pm on a school night and I’ve got a midnight deadline looming. I’m done with my assignment and it’s time to submit. So, I dutifully attempt to ssh to the server (“Nike”) where I’ll submit my work and I get this message:

Received disconnect from $nike: 2: Too many authentication failures for $username

Crap. The first word that comes to mind is a bad word. I wondered if the issue could be because I’m trying to connect from an off-campus location (i.e. behind one large public IP with hundreds of other students). So, I ssh-ed into my personal account at Dreamhost and ssh-ed to Nike from there; thankfully my Dreamhost IP wasn’t been blacklisted or anything so I was able to authenticate without any bogus “auth” failures. Then, I had a second problem: how to get my files onto the Nike web server.

Ssh-ing to Nike from my home computer was blocked and so was SFTP. So, I uploaded my file to my personal Dreamhost account and then used the scp command (for the first time. #nojudging) to transfer the files from Dreamhost to Nike (perform the SCP operation while logged into Nike). Relevant scp command:

scp ‘’ .

And just like that, the mini-disaster was averted. 🙂 Granted, I could’ve emailed the TA and covered myself but I wanted to exhaust my alternatives.