Dev links #3

  1. CSS guide from
  2. Technical limits of Google Fusion Tables (max. 5 layers)

Aside: I’m unhappy with the current incarnation of DawgTransit. It is the very definition of hacked together and it was my very first “big” web application. So, in the time honored tradition of developers everywhere, I’m embarking on a re-imaging/overhaul of the site. I *just* got started so I don’t have anything major to show. 

The first change to happen will be an overhaul of the homepage. Based on the stats (h/t, most people arrive at by searching for specific bus routes which often leads them directly to the specific bus route page. So, the screenshow below is an example of an interface that will allow the focus to be on the bus routes.Image


For displaying information about the routes, I would like the map to be the focal point of the page and I’ll be working on some ideas for that. 

Health Inspection Scores

I’m working on an Android app that displays the health inspections scores for restaurants in the Athens, GA area. Currently, this information is located here: Public Health Athens and I am doing this to scratch my itch. It’s pretty basic but I’m just celebrating the small victories i.e. learning to use the sqlite database on Android, really getting into Android programming, troubleshooting, etc. My layouts could use a lot of work. Learning to design the Android layout feels like voodoo to me so I’m open to any ideas for really learning/understanding how to translate my app sketches to Android layout files. Without further ado, here are some screenshots: