Upgrading to Spring 2.0.1 (my notes)

A personal project of mine using Spring 1.5.12-RELEASE and I figured I’d bite the bullet & upgrade. Before you embark on this upgrade, review the release notes, the configuration change log, a migration guide, and other articles on the subject.

These are changes that  affected my project:

  1. Context path updates: server.contextPath is now server.servlet.context-path
  2. Actuator updates: Previously it was /app-context/health, it’s now /app-context/actuator/health. Note: to restore previous behavior, set
  3. Server: org.springframework.boot.web.support.SpringBootServletInitializer relocated to org.springframework.boot.web.servlet.support.SpringBootServletInitializer.
  4. Spring repositories:
    1. findOne no longer takes the id (e.g. long) but the actual entity. I replaced this with with findbyId (a built-in convenience method to the repository)
    2. I previously could pass a List<T> to the save method. You are now required to use saveAll which is more appropriate
    3. My JpaRepository classes previously returned an Iterable for methods like findAll. This method now returns a Collection (e.g. List<T>) of entities (additional info here).
  5. Database:
    1. Connection pooling – Hikari is now the default connection pooling mechanism. Avoid using DataSourceBuilder’s automatic configuration with 2.x (see issue and additional documentation on configuring your datasource).
    2. Postgresql – I was previously on version 9.0-801.jdbc4 and I switched to the latest to resolve  the following error ‘ PSQLException: Method org.postgresql.jdbc4.Jdbc4Connection.isValid(int) is not yet implemented.’
  6. Testing:
    1. Mockito – *.runners.MockitoJUnitRunner is now in *.junit.MockitoJUnitRunner




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