Signature calculation for AWS

I recently learned about ElasticSearch as a means of adding search to my android app which uses Firebase. From the android app, I am issuing a HTTP request (super easy thanks to Retrofit) to AWS ElasticSearch but this request has to be authenticated.

Amazon has some detailed documents on how to do this yourself but I’m waving the white flag after spending 3+ hrs debugging a mismatch between the signature I generated and what Amazon generated.

So, I’ll save you the trouble and share actual source code from Amazon that worked for me.

  2. Source code showing a signed POST request: ‘Unzip’ this jar file if you have 7-zip. Otherwise, use the “jar xvf $file.jar” command
  3. The classes in the ‘auth’ & ‘util’ folders contain the classes of interest so copy them over to your project.
  4. A ‘runnable’ class you can inspect is which shows how it’s all put together.

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