KendoUI and MVC

For a work related project, I’ve had to learn to use a tool by Telerik called KendoUI. KendoUI is a framework for building widgets (very simply put). For a .NET MVC app I am building, I ran into an issue where I needed to modify the datasource on the server side. I didn’t really find any documentation online on doing this server side but thanks to Intellisense, I was able to discover the presence of an enumerator on the DataSourceResult. A few Google results later, I was able to iterate through the enumerator from the DataSourceResult and directly modify items that the Kendo Grid would display on my View.

If you must know, it was code for displaying a changelog for the item being viewed; I needed to display a user-friendly version of items like the field name and values where I was storing the ‘raw’ values in my logging table such as the item ids and the database field names.

The sourcecode is up as a gist because the code formatting thing sucks. 😦






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