Using SCP

It’s 9pm on a school night and I’ve got a midnight deadline looming. I’m done with my assignment and it’s time to submit. So, I dutifully attempt to ssh to the server (“Nike”) where I’ll submit my work and I get this message:

Received disconnect from $nike: 2: Too many authentication failures for $username

Crap. The first word that comes to mind is a bad word. I wondered if the issue could be because I’m trying to connect from an off-campus location (i.e. behind one large public IP with hundreds of other students). So, I ssh-ed into my personal account at Dreamhost and ssh-ed to Nike from there; thankfully my Dreamhost IP wasn’t been blacklisted or anything so I was able to authenticate without any bogus “auth” failures. Then, I had a second problem: how to get my files onto the Nike web server.

Ssh-ing to Nike from my home computer was blocked and so was SFTP. So, I uploaded my file to my personal Dreamhost account and then used the scp command (for the first time. #nojudging) to transfer the files from Dreamhost to Nike (perform the SCP operation while logged into Nike). Relevant scp command:

scp ‘’ .

And just like that, the mini-disaster was averted. 🙂 Granted, I could’ve emailed the TA and covered myself but I wanted to exhaust my alternatives.

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