There are persi…

There are persistent and undeniable race and gender gaps in funding and hiring in the tech sector. But the priesthood has until very recently insisted their boy’s club was open to any innovative hustler.

I’m sure many of you have heard about the Pax Dickinson story. If not, click this link and I’ll wait for you to return with hopefully informed opinions. Some recommended links if that’s too much information to wade through:

  1. Pax Dickinson and the “Satire” Defense of Misogyny
  2. Why Pax Matters (by Ms. Tiku who wrote the quote above)
  3. Speech and Consequences (by famous Lawblog

TL;DR: A jerk on the internet who is a C-level executive for Business Insider (their CTO) made some troubling tweets that smart legal minds conclude could leave B.I. in a legal lurch and thus he was fired. Timeline: less than a day after the ‘world’ found out.

The Aftermath: In tried and true internet drama fashion, there’s a second wave of opinions suggesting that the internet acted as a lynch mob (can we stop using this terrible metaphor especially in defense of cases like this?? *sigh*), or that Pax’s tweets are art (I shit you not). Some of his defenders argue that his tweets are taken out of context but my contention is that the tweet PD lingers (the one about Jesus) is the least of his offenses! As a hiring manager (and C.T.O…. !!!), you should have better judgement than what he displayed. He is not the first person to be have fired for behaving badly on Twitter but his firing and the internet reaction is wholly justified. 

Anyway, I’m tired of getting worked up over this issue. I don’t want to re-litigate the issue; Pax will be fine as he is on a press tour for his startup. There’s a third wave of people writing to counter the defenders and they are doing a much more eloquent job of explaining than I am. 



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