Unsubscribing from a UGA listserv

This guide is geared towards subscription lists at UGA hosted on the listserv.uga.edu subdomain. I’m tired of hapless souls replying to a listserv with “unsubscribe” or “remove”. So, here’s a step-by-step guide for reference:

  1. Write down the “handle” of the listserv i.e. XXX@listserv.uga.edu means XXX is the handle.
  2. Visit http://listserv.uga.edu/archives/
  3. Enter the listserv’s handle in the box as shown in the image below i.e. the part before the @ symbol e.g.  CRSS-PROF@listserv.uga.edu.Image
  4. After clicking “Go”, you’ll be taken to the screen below:Image
  5. After selecting the highlighted link, you’ll be taken to another page where you’ll be asked for some info before you can be removed from that list or if you’ve had enough, you can unsubscribe from *all* lists.Image
  6. A confirmation email should be in your inbox shortly (rough guess: 24 hours) after leaving the list. If not, repeat the process but obviously give it some time.

*Image gallery here: http://min.us/mugalistserv

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